Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

Enterprise spirit: pioneers, enterprising, persistent efforts, pragmatic innovation, scientific and harmonious.
Enterprise purpose: to keep pace with the times, leading the trend, create the future.
Enterprise concept: ideas guide ideas, ideas to promote innovation, quality cast brand, efficiency improve speed, scientific creation perfect.
Enterprise slogan: Jiuding automation equipment, good commitment.
Enterprise value: brand + staff + dedication = enterprise value.
Business goals: to establish a national brand position for cross world professional brand in the industry.

Management concept: to regulate the behavior of the system, to unite the team with affinity, to drive the development of the mechanism, to change the status quo by strategy, to achieve the goal of strategy.
Management policy: standardized management as the foundation, to expand market platform, product innovation as the foundation, with the technology progress as a bridge, with excellent quality as the guarantee, the first-class modern operation management level as the goal.

Business strategy: brand orientation, market pioneer, resource integration, coordination of the whole, step by step implementation, vertical advance.
Business philosophy: persistent, hard work, open, enhance marketing, create environment, service to extend the market.
Market concept: the fate of common, the interests of "win-win", production and marketing cooperation, and build a "partnership" environment.

Quality policy: full participation, leadership attention, focus on investment, scientific creation, to the "quality" standard to society.
Quality standard: customer satisfaction (user) is the product standard.
Quality concept: quality cast Jiuding, the world famous brand.

Talent concept: people-oriented, value, combined with the implementation of "capital" and "wisdom".
Code of conduct: honest, practical work, do it, be the same outside and inside, loyalty to the cause.
Service concept: affinity, understanding, fast, perfect and satisfactory.