Jiuding Service Commitment

Jiuding Service Commitment

In order to ensure that the user is assured, the normal use of the company's products, the following rules are formulated as the company's after-sales service commitments:

First, all kinds of valves provided by our company are designed, manufactured and checked by GB, JB, SH, HG and other relevant domestic standards, as well as ANSI, API, JIS, BS, DIN and other foreign standards.

Two, the company has achieved ISO9001 international quality certification, has a complete quality system, implemented by the general manager responsibility system, and by the technical manager as management representative, running state and timely report to general manager of quality system, the establishment of a technical manager under the leadership of the quality inspection department, raw materials, components, parts of the Department of anysubcontractor provided in the factory are required to undergo a rigorous review inspection before the quasi storage. Strict inspection of the first and intermediate inspection of forgings, castings and raw materials provided by the Contractor shall be carried out, and unqualified parts shall not be assembled. After assembly, according to GB13927, JB/T9092 and API598 standards for strength, sealing comprehensive test.

Three, after-sales service: the company's products have been strictly tested and tested, the company promised: since the product sold for 18 months or products installed within 12 months (to arrive at the limit). In the warranty period, due to product quality problems caused by damage or is not working properly, the company responsible for the repair or replacement, and provide the relevant knowledge of maintenance; during the warranty period, as a result of improper use or in the warranty period, caused by damage or is not working properly, the company provides paid service to the product life-long maintenance the user, if necessary, the company provides free consultation. In the process of installation and debugging, if there are technical problems, the company will send technical personnel for technical services, discuss and solve technical problems together.

Four, the user in the use of the company's products in the process of problems or information, please timely feedback to our company, so that the company timely processing, improvement and improvement. Respond to questions raised by users within 6 hours. If necessary, the company will send the chief engineer led by the interview group to collect information about product quality feedback, in order to improve.

【01 Service Hotline】

Customer  hotline:+86-0577-67327277   67327800   67327801   67328277        Fax:+86-0577-67327802       E-mail: jdzksb@163.com

【01 Service Hotline】

Customer  hotline:
+86-0577-67327277   67327800   67327801 
E-mail: jdzksb@163.com

02 Service Commitment

1, customers in the storage and transportation, maintenance, use the normal conditions, due to the product manufacturing quality problems can not be properly used to provide three packages (Baotui, Baohuan, warranty service).

2, in receiving the quality information feedback, put forward treatment opinion, too special circumstances will arrive at the scene to deal with the problem, after normal operation, and then analyze the reason, clear responsibility.

3, Provide the necessary technical documents and product qualification certificates for the ex factory products.

4, Provide spare parts, spare parts, installation, commissioning and maintenance services according to customer requirements or agreements, and technical training for customers concerned.

5, Large scale engineering projects will organize production, test and inspection according to the requirements of bidding documents, and cooperate with the customer on-site acceptance.

6, strictly according to the IS09001 standard organize raw materials, parts procurement and product production, inspection.

03 Service description

Customers in the process of using the product, if the product can not be normal use, you can consult the marketing center customer service service department immediately, and will be used in the product types and specifications, the use of the environment, fault, purchase date and service requirements in detail. After the after-sales service department has made recommendations, it can not solve the problem, and then decide to send someone or do other processing.